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From Lenovo servers to Lenovo desktop computers and laptops, you can protect your IT hardware on a company wide basis or on a one-to-one level with Europlus Direct. From specialist remote support, to certified engineers arriving within 4 hours of a call-out, it pays to have the peace of mind of Europlus Direct on your side.

Do you want to protect your business long-term by extending the current time on your warranty Lenovo services? Or maybe you want to increase the current service level to suit your business with a Warranty Uplift on a newly bought Lenovo machine that’s still in its base warranty? Perhaps you need our Post-Warranty option where you renew the expiring warranty on older Lenovo hardware? Or you might have multiple machines and want to add more but need the reassurance of one simple agreement that covers everything with robust predictive maintenance and repair support? In that case, our ServiceSuite Maintenance Contract is the ideal choice.

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Whatever your reasons for protecting your commercial interests, Europlus Direct can help. If you’re unsure what your exact Lenovo needs are, we are more than happy to help, so why not contact us today.

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YourService Options

As certified Lenovo specialists, Europlus Direct offer a wide range of pre-packaged services, available in a variety of configurations to suit your needs and your budget.

Option 1

In-warranty Lenovo Services

Upgrade or extend your current warranty on new Lenovo hardware

With Europlus Direct, you can upgrade or extend the warranty of your new Lenovo hardware, anytime within 12 months of purchasing your equipment. You can choose to extend your warranty to a 3, 4 or 5 year upgrade to your original base warranty.

Want to know more about our Lenovo In-warranty option? Read our FAQs.

Option 2

Post-warranty Lenovo Services

Renew the warranty on your Lenovo hardware

You can choose Europlus Direct’s Post-warranty option, either when your existing manufacturer warranty is coming to an end or when you’ve come to the end of an In-warranty upgrade term with us. You can also choose between our 1 year or 2 year options, depending on your needs.

Want to know more about our Lenovo Post-warranty option? Read our FAQs.

Option 3

Why take out a maintenance contract today?

A Lenovo ServiceSuite Maintenance Contract from Europlus Direct is:

  • easy to buy and maintain
  • one simple contract between you and Lenovo
  • straightforward with annual prepaid invoicing
  • delivered with a renewal reminder
  • delivered with the option to buy a Committed Fix – where engineers are guaranteed to answer call-outs within 4 hours

Lenovo ServiceSuite Maintenance Contract

Enhanced technical support for your hardware and software

Have multiple machines or want to add and cover more machines? Need one simple solution for an IT system that’s evolved with your business over time? Then the Lenovo ServiceSuite Maintenance Contract from Europlus Direct could be the option for you.

The smart way to keep all of your IT system running smoothly and reduce the need for repairs, it can offer machine repair, preventative and predictive maintenance, error analysis and remote support, problem and engineering change management and system defect voice support.

Our Lenovo ServiceSuite Maintenance Contract suits organisations that:

  • have older hardware
  • own hardware not supported by the Service Pack
  • run high-end servers
  • have multiple hardware systems
  • maintain a custom-built system
  • require a customised level of service
  • need an easier way to manage expiry dates and add new machines and new configurations on
  • have a large number of machines

Multi-country Maintenance

Wherever you're based in the world, no matter how many locations you operate in, Europlus Direct can help with comprehensive global IT support.


Europlus Direct offers worldwide hardware and software support that includes:

  • Hardware and software maintenance agreements
  • Hardware Service Pack In-warranty upgrades
  • Software Service Pack In-warranty upgrades
  • Hardware Service Pack Post-warranties
  • Software Service Pack Post-warranties
  • Hardware Multivendor. Multi-manufacturer Post-warranties

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Lenovo Software services

Remote support keeps software performing

There’s an easy way to prevent software problems letting your business down – take out Software Services Upgrade or Software Services Post Warranty today. You’ll get remote technical support, which means there’s a virtual IT expert by your side whenever you need one.

Keep your software running smoothly with features including problem determination, problem resolution, performance and capacity management, and preventative care.

Europlus Direct’s Lenovo Software support features:

  • Remote technical support for System x and Storage (1 or 3 year options)
  • Support line for MS Windows or Linux on System x (1 or 3 year options)
  • Support line for VMware (1 or 3 year options)
  • Support line for Linux

Want to know more about Europlus Direct’s Lenovo Software support? Read our FAQs

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I have worked with Europlus Direct for over 4 years - during this time they have always been professional and tenacious. Working with both Paul and Nina on a number of licensing projects, I have always been impressed by their approach which is both thorough and pro-active. They have the rare knack of thinking out of the box and being prepared for the next challenge and usually fixing it before it becomes a problem. I would highly recommend working with Europlus


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